Save Memories and Create New Ones!

Save Memories and Create New Ones!

Do you have stacks of old T-shirts sitting in your closet not being worn?  Is your closet overflowing with dress shirts that no longer fit or haven’t been worn in ages?  What do you do with all of these unloved shirts?

You can give them away or have a yard sale, but what about all of those favorite shirts that you’d like to keep but hate to just have sitting in a box somewhere?

Why not turn it into something that your child can wear and love?  Upcycling is a great way to get more life out of something that you thought had reached its end.

Available in a variety of different styles, custom legacy dresses are handmade to your specifications to fit any occasion.

I’ve recently started having a lot of fun taking old shirts of Jody’s and making dresses for the girls.  Vintage pillowcases and dress shirts are also great for creating super cute memorable outfits.

Please see my galleries for inspiration and feel free to send me any ideas you have, even if you don’t see pictures of it already!  I’ll be posting photos of my most recent projects and the occasional tutorial for those of you who like to do it yourself too.